How to Best Attack Seasonal, Famously Delicious ‘Vacherin Mont-d’Or’ Cheese

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Vancouver, BC | This inimitable soft cheese is produced and ripened among the dark forests and rich pastures of the Jura mountains in the canton of Vaud. For more than a century it has been made here in small local cheese dairies. The cheese is finished in the traditional cellars where it develops its flavour with the distinctive taste of tannin drawn from its girdle of local spruce bark. Vacherin Mont-d’Or is a seasonal cheese, so there is only a small window when it is available in Vancouver.

Just as with great wines, to allow its flavour to fully emerge it must be allowed to “breath” at room temperature for a few hours before eating. When it is ready it becomes slightly runny and to enjoy its smooth, creamy, texture it is best eaten with a spoon. Connoisseurs also appreciate it as a dessert, or as an evening meal, served heated with Helmer’s potatoes or crusty bread.

It is now in stock at both stores.
$89.99 / Kg
Sold Whole only
Random weight, 550g – 750g

Tourtiere | Thanks to our loyal fans, our first batch of Tourtiere SOLD OUT in one day! Our second, and final batch for the year will be ready this Friday, December 11.

It is available in two sizes: Sm $13 / Lg $39.50.

Recommended accompaniments:
– Salt Spring Jam Co. Onion & Thyme spread
– Taste of Okanagan Autumn Fruit Chutney
– MacKay’s Apple & Fig chutney

Serve it like we do, along with a slice of Oka and Triple Creme Brie. Due to limited space, we are not taking orders. They are first come, first served in the store. Available at the Kitsilano store after 2pm.

Port Soaked Stilton | It wouldn’t be Christmas without our Port Soaked Stilton. We take whole wheels of English Stilton and soak them with Taylor’s LBV port for an additional six weeks. It is currently for sale at both stores.

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