On Who’s Allowed to Dine Out Together and Home Cooks Suffering From Culinary Burnout

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Covid numbers continued to climb as of Friday when the province announced 911 new cases in the previous 24 hours. The upward trend is understandably causing anxiety for residents and businesses alike. As BC braces for the coldest months of the year and health officials plead with the public to continue to reduce and restrict our contacts, we cover the ongoing effects of the pandemic is having on the bar and restaurant industry.

First up, with the latest restrictions in the province, some residents are still struggling to figure out who they’re allowed to dine out with.

And with that confusion comes lost revenue for local restaurants

Meanwhile, this patron seems to have a reckless disregard for dining regulations altogether

Similarly in Etobicoke, this restaurant owner chose to ignore current Ontario restrictions and open his BBQ joint for dine-in service

An upsetting new report finds that in addition to low pay, poor working conditions and more recent restrictions in movement, migrant farm workers in Ontario are 10 times more likely to contract Covid than the overall population

With the winter months upon us, outdoor heating equipment is on backorder as several restaurants try to weather-proof their businesses in the hopes of staying afloat.

“As coronavirus cases surge, and as people shun or are even barred from gathering in indoor spaces, restaurants, hotels and office buildings are installing outdoor heaters on sidewalks and terraces in a bid to retain customers and tenants. The effort can seem like an existential quest. A rise in demand has left some products back-ordered for months, possibly jeopardizing the prospect of some businesses getting through the pandemic intact.”

Despite best efforts, restaurant closures continue around this city including the Kits location of Burgoo

Other changes afoot in the city include a move for Red Wagon, just two blocks west from its current location on East Hastings

While we mourn the passing of fellow Canadian and Jeopardy host Alex Trebek, American Dive Bars are also feeling the loss

Three Portland restaurant veterans reflect on how the industry can show up for and support the movement for Black Lives.

The New Yorker’s Helen Rosner on the fading joy of cooking in the middle of a global pandemic.

“During the past seven or eight months, my refrigerator has been stocked with the raw materials of fantasy; you could dive into my spice drawer like Scrooge McDuck into his swimming pool of doubloons. I’ve stir-fried Sichuan-style cumin lamb, made slow-roasted pernil asado, fired up pots of oil for a farmers’-market fritto misto; I spent the summer juicing limes and slicing fish for an nonstop parade of tart, light-as-air ceviches; I’ve made hundreds of dishes for hundreds of meals. And I am so bored. I am so tired. In theory, I love to cook. But I am so, so sick of cooking.”

Vancouver Is Awesome shares several ways you can give back this holiday season all while supporting your local bars, restaurants, butchers and breweries.

Speaking of the holidays, consider doing some of your shopping at the Magkasama Virtual Filipino Christmas Market featuring a number of Filipino food vendors

Leaning into comfort foods during times of crisis: CBC explains how donuts have become a favourite during the pandemic.

And speaking of comfort foods, don’t forget to check out Scout’s Comfort Food Guide including the most recent addition: Torafuku’s Fried Chicken Kickass Rice!

Takeout is the name of the game for so many restaurants these days and Scout has a few favourite to-go orders that top the list

Talk about Christmas come early: This couple in upstate New York just found a treasure trove of prohibition era whiskey in the walls of their home. Happy holidays, indeed!

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