Miku, Minami and Gyoza Bar Reveal Winter Menus, Holidays Specials for Dine-In and Take-Out

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Miku, Minami and Gyoza Bar Reveal Winter Menus, Holidays Specials for Dine-In and Take-Out

The GOODS from Gyoza Bar, Miku and Minami

Vancouver, BC | This holiday season, dine-in or take-out from Aburi Restaurants Canada with several new options from Miku (70-200 Granville Street), Minami (1118 Mainland Street), and Gyoza Bar (622 W. Pender St.), including winter tasting menus, limited-edition bento boxes, and festive desserts.

“We recognize our guests want more ways to celebrate with their loved ones this year, and our team worked hard to create special multi-course dine-in options alongside unique bento boxes for enjoying at home,” says Seigo Nakamura, founder and owner of Aburi Restaurants. “At Miku and Minami, the menus highlight the restaurants’ signature contemporary upscale Japanese cuisine. At Gyoza Bar, we have casual, comforting Japanese fare. It is my hope our guests will be able to savour this holiday season with their closest or be able to send something delicious to their friends and family.”

Featuring stackable take-out bento boxes, Miku’s deluxe layered Holiday Bento ($130) is designed for two people to enjoy at home and features:

– Zensai Bento – sashimi, crab claw, uzaku (unagi sunamono) with ikura, miso-cured duck breast, prawn cocktail, komochi konbu
– Shusai Bento – AAA filet mignon, Atlantic lobster tail, grilled tako, roasted market vegetables
– Signature Sushi Bento – Aburi Salmon and Ebi Oshi, Red Wave Roll, Miku Roll, hotate nigiri, toro nigiri, tai nigiri
– Dessert Bento – Ginger cardamom cheesecake with mandarin foam, ginger vanilla namelaka, cherry gel, candied orange, crispy pearls

Minami’s limited-time, decadent Holiday Bento Box ($250) is created by Executive Chef Alan Ferrer with four to six people in mind and features five tiers of signature fare:

– Carpaccio Tier – Aburi beef carpaccio
– Holiday Zensai Tier – ebi fritters, chicken nanban, seasonal goma-ae, and Aburi tako
– Land Entree Tier – AAA butler steak and chicken ballotine, obie brazier with roasted market vegetables
– Aburi Oshi and Roll Tier – Aburi Salmon, Ebi, and Saba Oshi; Red Wave Roll, Champagne Roll
– Winter Desserts Tier – Green Tea Opera, Black Sesame Mochi Mousse, Passion Fruit Banana Tart, and Manjari Pot de Creme

Each bento tier can also be ordered a la carte.

The Yaletown restaurant also has a Minami Signature Bento ($75) available for one. This indulgent, multi-tiered bento box features Minami’s signature savoury appetizers like the Obie Brazier, flame-seared Aburi Sushi, and a choice between the AAA Butler Steak Don or Kaisen (Seafood) Don.

Gyoza Bar’s Holiday Platter ($60) for four to six people is comfort on a plate, featuring spicy pork ribs, Marukatsu chicken katsu sandwich, Marukatsu ebi fry, char siu skewer, crispy vegetable gyoza, Asian slaw, and edamame.

“Our premium bentos and platters were exclusively created for our guests who want to recreate the Aburi dining experience from home,” adds Nakamura. “Our chefs ensure each item is plated with the same care as dishes in our restaurants.”

Dine-in options are available for December. Miku’s six-course Holiday Kaiseki ($150 per person) is available for dinner and plated on beautiful Japanese Arita plateware. Minami’s six-course Holiday Shokai ($98 per person) is also available for dinner and features an exclusive Surf & Turf creation – the Ying Yang Wellington with Ora King Salmon and Sterling Silver Petite Fillet.

Bentos and platters are available for pick-up by pre-ordering via phone or Tock. Select menus will also be available for delivery via UberEats. Reservations are highly recommended for dine-in; limited walk-ins are available.

About Aburi Restaurants Canada Ltd. | I don’t just want to create just a business; I want to create a culture and community.’ – Seigo Nakamura.

Seigo Nakamura, owner of the Tora Corporation in Japan, is the visionary behind Aburi Restaurants’ Miku, Miku Toronto, Minami, Gyoza Bar, and the new TORA in Toronto. His unique concepts and business strategies have led to the creation and spread of Aburi style cuisine across Canada. A trendsetter in all aspects, Seigo is never happy with settling for the norm. His unique twist on Aburi cuisine was created over a decade ago, by innovating the idea of traditional Japanese flame-searing with the decadent and creamy sauces of French cuisine. Driven by this unconventional concept, Seigo set out to introduce this fresh and addictive style of Aburi cuisine to the world. Seigo also promotes the unique company philosophy of ‘Ningenmi’. Literally translated as ‘the human flavour’, Ningenmi is a Japanese term used to refer a person with outstanding humanly qualities: sincerity, thoughtfulness, and passion. Seigo is a strong advocate of spreading ningenmi to his team, promoting a positive team dynamic within his restaurants.

Gyoza Bar
622 West Pender St.
Miku Restaurant
70-200 Granville St.
1118 Mainland St.

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