Gastown’s PiDGiN Launches New Premium Packaged Meal Program, ‘Carrier PiDGiN’

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Vancouver, BC | PiDGiN is proud to announce another pivot, hey we’re pivoting, look at our pivot. We hate the word, and we are working our ass off to try and keep you fed in any way you prefer, while keeping the lights on and our staff employed with a sense of purpose in what is a strenuous time for all of us.

As a result, we’re announcing our new premium packaged meals called Carrier PiDGiN. They will be available via and take-out / pre-order by calling 604.620.9400. If you’re doing a zoom cooking party / corporate event / remote holiday parties with a larger group or are outside FromTo’s 5.5km online delivery radius, get in touch — we are very flexible and aim to please. Email us at or call. We will start taking orders and pre-orders on Monday, November 23rd.

Our goal is to take all the difficulty out of creating a complex multi-course meal. You simply have to finish and season a few items to have a restaurant quality meal at home to enjoy with your loved ones or to treat yourself.

In the box, we will have thorough instructions as well as a link to our site which will have quirky (budget) instructional videos at and detailed information about the farmers and their products with a step by step instructional.

Every couple of weeks, we will be changing the menu to keep up with what’s coming from our farm partners and to keep things exciting for our team and you.

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Pheasant // Seasonal Vegetables // Parfait // Dessert

Hannah Brooks Farms, Ruskin BC, Burnaby BC
Klippers Organic Farms, Cawston, BC
Thiessen Farms, Chilliwack, BC

Price: $125
Skill Level: Beginner
Feeds : 2 very, very well
Prep / Cook Time: 40 Mins
Keeps In Fridge 5-7 Days
Dietary Restrictions: see our site


To Start
chicken liver and foie parfait, milk bread, quince chutney
roasted winter squashes with guanciale vinaigrette, pickled squash, pickled mustard seeds, ponzu mayonnaise

Main Event
pheasant ballotine, stuffed with; truffled shiitake duxelle, pork gyoza mix.

Miso stilton blue cheese pomme anna
Fermented bok choy
Glazed carrots
Madeira jus

coconut tapioca, yuzu curd, grilled asian pear, ovaltine white chocolate rocks


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