East Van’s ‘Flourist’ Hiring for Multiple Positions

The GOODS from Flourist

Vancouver, BC | We are so excited to announce we are hiring for key positions at our flagship Mill + Bakery at 3433 Commercial Street! Join our team of passionate, bread obsessed folks all working with a common goal of providing nourishing, traceable food and building connections through better ingredients. Flourist team members benefit from competitive salaries, benefits, amazing perks, and a supportive, kind work environment. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating a space where all can thrive.

We are currently hiring for the following key positions:

– Head Baker, full-time salaried role
– Production Manager, full-time salaried role
– Interim Assistant Store Manager, full-time hourly role

About the Head Baker role:

The Head Baker is one of the most important people at Flourist, leading the way with our baking program that features freshly milled flour and sourdough baking methods exclusively. The Head Baker leads the Flourist baking team and is responsible for turning our freshly milled flour into our sourdough bread and pastries. The Head Baker is tasked with overseeing all operations related to the bakery production. This person should be experienced managing a dynamic and talented team and is inspired by the unpredictable nature of freshly milled flour and wild yeast.

About the Production Manager role:

The Production Manager for Bakery Orders manages the day to day sales logistics of selling our Bakery products online. This includes inventory management, ordering supplies and inventory, creating the daily delivery routes and ensuring deliveries are completed. In addition the Production Manager is the person responsible for answering customer emails and phone calls.

About the Interim Assistant Store Manager role:

The Assistant Store Manager oversees the Brand Experience Service Team at Flourist and is responsible for the day to day operations of the Flourist Front of House. The Assistant Store Manager reports to the Store Manager.

In addition, we are hiring for:

– Front of House service team members, full and part-time hourly roles
– Barista, part time hourly role
– Driver, part time hourly role

We are looking for people who are passionate about our brand, our mission and working with a values driven diverse team. To apply, please send a short cover letter along with your CV to jobs (at) flourist.com.

About Flourist | Flourist creates demand for nourishing, traceable food and is a direct to consumer brand that ships freshly milled flour and premium dry goods across North America through our online store. Our Mill + Bakery on Commercial Street is our flagship brick and mortar location, which specializes in Sourdough Bread, pastries and local produce. We believe in an ethical, traceable supply chain, and making meaningful connections to each other through food.

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