‘The Truffle Hunters’ Film Set to Draw Food Lovers to Exclusive Screenings

The Vancouver International Film Festival is setting a new precedent this year, with a program including 100+ films available for streaming on your home screens. However, it also features a bunch of exclusive good ol’ fashioned theatre events, including the new documentary “The Truffle Hunters”. The film, which is a collaboration between Michael Dweck and Gregory Kershaw, was a Grand Jury Prize Nominee at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. Tickets to watch this gem on the big screen aren’t quite as hard to come by as the fancy Italian truffles at its centre, but they are still limited to only 50 seats per venue per screening.

Here’s the synopsis, courtesy of VIFF:

“The white Alba truffle only grows in the wild, in northern Italy, and always under the ground, so you need a trained dog to root them out. This is the true heart of a sublime movie, not so much the truffle – though fungi fetishists will surely be sated – but the relationship between old men who guard the secrets of the truffle patches – and their sniffer dogs. Exquisitely, rhapsodically photographed (sometimes by the dogs themselves), this is the rare non-fiction film that looks like a work of art.”

“The Truffle Hunters” will be playing as part of VIFF’s Insights series for two simultaneous matinee screenings at the Vancity Theatre and Cinematheque on Saturday, September 26 and October 3rd. Tickets and details here.

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