Stock Your Freezer With Delicious Pastries and Gourmet Soups from Bel Café

The GOODS from Bel Cafe

Vancouver, BC | At Bel Café we continue to expand our at-home program offering a selection of ‘heat and serve’ and pantry items for you to enjoy any time you please. Flash-frozen butter croissants ($5.25); pain au chocolat ($6.75); raspberry cream turnovers ($12.25); and blueberry scones ($9.25) come conveniently packaged in fours. And to warm you on chilly nights, our nourishing soups (1l bags) come in a range of comforting flavours: chicken noodle ($18); seafood chowder ($18); smoked beef chili ($18); and roasted tomato ($14). Our popular house-made granola (900 ml, $13.25) and coffee from our partner Caffe Umbria are the perfect accompaniments to weekend brunches, as are our buttermilk vinaigrette ($9), lemon vinaigrette ($9), roasted garlic hummus ($9), and black pepper jam ($8).
Pre-order online for pick up or through DoorDash for delivery.


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