Six Years Ago Today, Inside the Delicious Night Before Gyoza Bar’s Opening

For this week’s edition of Throwback Thursday we go back exactly six years to the hustle and bustle of ‘training day’ at the soon-to-open Gyoza Bar on West Pender Street.

Six years isn’t too long ago so I still vividly remember Seigo Nakamura’s third Vancouver restaurant (see also Miku, Minami) being something of a crazy hive that day, buzzing with high energy as the formed-before-our-eyes front and back of house teams began to coalesce over the food they’d be serving the following day to their first customers. For service staff it’s a special time, having dishes explained as you and your tablemates attack them with savage glee, huddled shoulder to shoulder with comrades-in-arms who were complete strangers just a few minutes previously. There’s typically only ever one day like this in the entire lifespan of a restaurant. I was glad to catch this one and even sneak a few bites…

  • IMG_6457
  • IMG_6216
  • IMG_6233
  • IMG_6412
  • IMG_6141
  • IMG_6166
  • IMG_6357
  • IMG_6136
  • IMG_6139
  • IMG_6160
  • IMG_6205
  • IMG_6189
  • IMG_6184
  • IMG_6174
  • IMG_6169
  • IMG_6177
  • IMG_6135
  • IMG_6511
  • IMG_6193
  • IMG_6241
  • IMG_6259
  • IMG_6197
  • IMG_6276
  • IMG_6302
  • IMG_6474
  • IMG_6309
  • IMG_6361
  • IMG_6499
  • IMG_6532
  • IMG_6483
  • IMG_6194
  • IMG_6438
  • IMG_6429
  • IMG_6406
  • IMG_6400
  • IMG_6376
  • IMG_6195
  • IMG_6329
  • IMG_6339
  • IMG_6395
  • IMG_6343
  • IMG_6382

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