Cool Things We Want at Mt. Pleasant’s Much + Little

Keeping positive isn’t easy these days, and now and then we could all use a little nudge in that general direction. Remember this: the next time you’re on the hunt for a small pick-me-up purchase for yourself or someone you know, Much + Little is an awesome resource.

From kitchen things to clothing, the cozy shop on Main Street is full of all sorts of local brands and handmade goods that will make you smile, at least a little. Here are six small indulgences that are currently at the top of our list…

Fits Puzzles

If you haven’t played a part in the COVID era puzzle sales boom yet, then you’re an anomaly. Or maybe you were just holding out for the “right one”, like one of these beauties by local brand Fits Puzzles? The designs feature all-female artists, including Vancouver’s own Olivia Di Liberto and Lay Hoon Ho. Considering all of the rainy days on the horizon, it’s definitely not too late to join in on the fun.

Mellifera Bees Rose-Infused Honey

This local honey brand infuses their honey with a range of aromatic ingredients, but the rose flavour seems like the obvious choice for brightening up your cereal, yoghurt, toast, tea, or pretty much anything edible…

Blume Blue Lavender Blend

That latter-mentioned rose-infused honey would also make an excellent addition to an iced latte using Blume‘s Blue Lavender vegan mix. It’s made up of a bouquet of lavender and dried coconut milk which, in addition to being a heavenly flavour medley, is also purportedly great for sleep and digestion.

Sage Bundles

Just a guess, but you’ve probably accumulated a lot of negative energy over the past several months, and you and your space could likely both use a good sage cleanse. These bundles are locally harvested and hand-bound, and include a selection of seasonal ingredients like juniper, rosemary and cedar.

Everyday Oil

The mainstay essential oil blend from skin care brand Everyday Oil has some seriously enthusiastic followers, including Much & Little shop owner Sarah Savoy. If you’re sussing it out on the shelf, the bottle’s branding is super low key, and the 2oz size is just tall enough to fit its list of nine (super) ingredients. Humble-seeming yet multitudinous in use, it tends to sell out quickly, just so you know! Luckily, Much + Little just restocked their supply…

Field Kit Travel Soap

Calgary-based Field Kit Co.‘s travel soaps come with a disclaimer: “be careful not to eat it!” The warning is definitely warranted since these bars – which are rectangular in shape and scored for easy use, and include flavour combinations like ‘The Solarium’ (fig, mint, basil), ‘The Explorer’ (bergamot, cedar, ginger, basil) and ‘The Beekeeper’ (wild honey, orange, clover, musk) – do have an uncanny resemblance to chocolate bars. Definitely snag some before your next camping trip, but make sure to pack them far away from your s’mores provisions.

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