Vancouver Would Be Cooler if It Followed Florence’s Black Death Tradition of Wine Windows

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Vancouver Would Be Cooler If is a column that advocates for things that exist in other cities that could serve to improve or otherwise celebrate life in our own.

Since British Columbia appears to have loosened its overly restrictive booze girdle for the first time in…well, ever…it might be a good time to petition the usually prohibitive powers for something along the lines of Florence’s medieval buchette del vino, or wine windows. Via VinePair:

Wine windows, known locally as buchette del vino, are small hatches carved into the walls of over 150 buildings in Florence and Tuscany. First introduced in the 17th century, the windows were originally used by merchants to sell surplus goods, such as wine. During the Italian plague of the 1630s, the windows offered the perfect solution for stores to continue doing business while isolating from the public. Now, for the first time in generations, a handful of wine windows across Florence are once again being used for their original purpose…

Bonus points to any a window that doles out Negronis and Aperol Spritz!


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Noi si continua le tradizioni..?? Passa a provarlo #takeaway #osteriadellebrache #spritz #tbt #igers #firenze #santacroce#winewindow

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