Strange Fellows Brewing Releases New ‘Pride & Joy’ Cider-Beer Hybrid

The GOODS from Strange Fellows Brewing

Vancouver, BC | If beer & cider had a baby it would be a GRAF – both distinctly different from & greater than the sum of its parents. Like all good love stories this one began with apples – in this case from Dominion Cider’s orchard in Summerland – which mingled with a Saison wort, some Loral hops & wild yeast. After a 6-month honeymoon in French oak, the result is a hybrid of characteristics – his funk, her fruit – the pride & joy of mum & dad.

TYPE: Graf – a cider-beer hybrid
AROMA: Sweet / Herbal / Floral
CHARACTER: Light, dry & slightly funky-fruity
FOOD PAIRING: Eggs / Seafood / Raclette / Creamy cheese sauces
A.B.V.: 6.7%
RELEASE DATE: Friday July 31st

**Partial proceeds from Tasting Room sales of Pride + Joy for the month of August will be donated to QMUNITY.


Cyclhops – Single-hopped IPA
Using the new experimental HBC472 hop varietal from our friends at the Hop Breeding Company in Yakima, WA, this CYCLHOPS has a woody, coconut-y character.

Penelope the Tart – Passionfruit Sour
This particular batch was made with a Foudre-aged sour beer.

Philly the Tart – Dryhopped Sour
This very fruity sour was brewed as an experimental batch with Lallemand Yeast Labs using a wild Lactic-acid producing yeast.

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