Mt. Pleasant’s Sprezzatura to Launch Weekend Brunch Service on August 8th

The GOODS from Sprezzatura

Vancouver, BC | On August 8th, Sprezzatura will finally join the brunch crowd just east of the hustle and bustle of Main Street in Mount Pleasant. Adding an Italian flair to some of the classics, we invite all to enjoy our Benny’s on top of Verace Neapolitan pizza dough, our take on the Blood Mary (the “Bloody Marinara” cocktail), and so much more. Brunch in Mount Pleasant is about to get a little more bene! Take a look at the menu below…

Brunch Menu

Launch Date: August 8th | Service: Saturday and Sunday 10AM – 3PM

Mushroom Benedict
Mushrooms, garlic puree, potatoes, arugula salad, hollandaise

Caponata Benedict
Caponata, garlic puree, potatoes, arugula salad, hollandaise

Prosciutto Benedict
Prosciutto, cherry tomatoes, potatoes, arugula salad, hollandaise

Wagyu Benedict
Beer Braised Wagyu, potatoes, arugula salad, hollandaise

Breakfast Capicolla Pizza
White sauce, fior, Arugula, capicola, 3 eggs, blistered tomato, black pepper

Breakfast Potato Pizza
White Sauce, fior, arugula, roasted peppers, red onion, potato, black pepper

Pork and Beans
Cannelini Beans, Italian sausage, eggs, toast

Polenta (GF)
Potatoes (GF)
Pork Belly (GF)

1L Mimosa
Classic Bellini
Bloody Marinara
Aperol Spritz
40oz Gin & Juice

*Gluten Free option available for Benedicts

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