MIS EN PLACE PODCAST // Episode 7 — Talking With Michael Ruhlman on the Future of Fine Dining

Welcome to the Mis En Place podcast. Hosted by chef, restaurateur and Chefs Table Society president Robert Belcham, the podcast covers a variety of topics related to the complicated lives of the people who cook your food.

Ask any cook what led them to undertake this always-challenging profession and you’ll hear a variety of answers…from a memorable restaurant meal to an inspiring book.

Host Robert Belcham‘s featured guest, Michael Ruhlman, is the author of many staples of the professional cook’s bookshelf, including the French Laundry CookbookCharcuterie, Ratio and The Making of a Chef.

The conversation ranges from the future of culinary education to the post-pandemic evolution of fine dining to the type of career ‘toolkit’ cooks need to thrive in an industry that, from certain perspectives, has changed irrevocably in 2020.

Mise-en-Place is produced by the Chefs’ Table Society of British Columbia, with the generous support of RATIONAL Canada and media partner SCOUT Magazine.

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