READER POLL // Are Local Restaurants Helping Health Officials With Contact Tracing?

With highly contagious virus loose in our communities, effective contact tracing (ie. mapping the movements of infected individuals to determine who they may have also infected) helps health care officials identify and track outbreaks. To be allies in this effort, small businesses like restaurants can take the names and contact details of diners. A Provincial Health Order say restaurants must keep guest contact details for at least 30 days, but only if they collect such information “in the ordinary course of business”. But what if a restaurant operates on a first-come, first-served basis, and thus – in the ordinary course of business – does not collect information from patrons? That’s a big loophole, so it begs the question…

Regarding Covid-19 contact tracing when entering BC restaurants...

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  1. You’re missing a few options in the middle. Neither applies, I’ve been asked often, but not always.

  2. Our employee had to isolate this week because she went to a restaurant over the weekend which had a Covid outbreak. Neither the restaurant nor health officials contacted her, and it was only today (five days after the breakout) that the restaurant posted which dates and times the employees were there. Details only work if someone follows up, and it would be helpful if the business could be forthcoming.

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