North Van’s Douce Diner to Host Live Comedy Show on Friday, July 24th

the GOODS from Douce Diner

Vancouver, BC | In need of some laughs? There will be a comedy show at the diner on Friday, July 24th, from 8pm – 9pm. Hosted by the lovely Helen Schneidermanm, the lineup includes Jennifer Lee, Christine Hackman, Ray Morrison, Scott Osborne and Tanya D. You have the chance to enjoy the show three ways:

1) Call for a reservation and see it live.

2) Purchase a $10 Ticket on Eventbrite.

3) Pay any amount of $20 or more & get a matching Gift Certificate from the restaurant and see the show for free.

The show will also be live via Zoom. We will still be open our regular Douce Coop hours from 4pm to 8pm with dine in for the show.

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