Take a Look Inside ‘Pizzeria Grano’ — Launching This Week on Main Street

The new, highly anticipated Pizzeria Grano is set to launch later this week in the old Don’t Argue location at 3240 Main Street.

Local pizza lovers will be happy to know that Dom and Frank Morra – the brothers behind the popular Via Tevere pizzeria on Victoria Drive – are about to unveil their new plant-based pizzeria in collaboration with nutritionist Lindsay Wood (formerly of Glory Juice Co.).

I’ve written about the meatless Grano previously (if you want some background on the project, click here) but the short of it is that the 34-seat, table-service restaurant is on track for an official launch on Thursday, July 9th, having followed a soft launch for friends and family (plus a few walk-ins) on the night before. As I write this they are busily doing front of house staff training, which will be followed by the last round of kitchen training and tasting. In other words, they’re well locked and loaded.

I swung by for a visit just as the crew was getting guidance on service protocols (sidebar: opening a restaurant in a pandemic is a new thing). It was great to see the room 99% finished, my favourite corner refreshed (see gallery below) and the smell of roasting peppers giving it just as much atmosphere as the huge skylight that I’d never really noticed before (most likely because every single one of my visits to Don’t Argue was close to last call).

Take a closer look…

  • IMG_7067
  • IMG_4605
  • IMG_2973
  • IMG_3434
  • IMG_3533
  • IMG_3944 2
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