New Collab Bundles Limited Release Kasama Chocolate Bar With ‘Hand Drawn Vancouver’ Book

The GOODS from Kasama Chocolate

Vancouver, BC | We are excited to tell you about a new collaboration between Kasama Chocolate, artist Emma Fitzgerald and Cultivatea to celebrate the launch of Emma FitzGerald’s new book, Hand Drawn Vancouver, a collection of sketches and stories of the city’s neighbourhoods, buildings, and people. The cover art on both the book and the chocolate bar wrapper were created by Emma and depicts a view of Vancouver’s False Creek.

This limited release bar is a white chocolate made with Peruvian cacao butter and a ceremonial grade Japanese matcha from Yame, Fukuoka, curated by Jude from Cultivatea. It is a first harvest matcha, the leaves of which are hand picked and grown at high altitudes, where the air is moist and foggy and the trees grow slowly, yielding a matcha with exceptional depth and complexity.

You can find the bar as well as a few different book + bar bundles in our online shop available for purchase.

About Kasama Chocolate

Kasama Chocolate is an award winning bean-to-bar chocolate company, based in Vancouver, that was born in late 2015. Unlike chocolatiers, who work with pre-made chocolate, Kasama makes chocolate from scratch, straight from the bean, a process involving many steps, including sorting, roasting, winnowing, conching/refining, tempering, molding, and hand wrapping each bar.

Kasama Chocolate focuses on using high quality and ethically sourced ingredients and sources beans from many parts of the world, generally from small farms, to highlight the diverse flavours found in fine cacao, and frequently incorporates ingredients from other local makers.

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