The Writers’ Exchange Seeking Tables, Chairs, Fridge for Two New Spaces

The Writers Exchange is a program that makes literacy exciting and accessible for kids through free mentoring and creative writing projects. Distancing restrictions have made it a challenge for the Writers Exchange to provide a space for all of the kids who want to participate in literacy programming throughout the summer, but the WE team has secured two additional locations to run programs out of over the summer so that they are able to work with as many kids as need the support while still practicing social distancing to keep everyone feeling safe.

Great news, right? Here’s the thing, as the Writers Exchange explains: “Both locations are huge and airy, but they’re also empty!”

That’s where you come in. Do you have any spare tables and chairs that you could lend to the program over the next few months? Even better, do you have a fridge or freezer that you could donate or give to the Writers Exchange for a low price? The team has some people who want to donate food, but they don’t have a fridge or freezer to store the food while they arrange distribution to the kids and families.

If you’re in a position to help with any of the above, please get in touch with:

Anna Forst (Managing Director) at aforst [@]
Jennifer MacLeod at jmacleod [@]

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