Strange Fellows to Release New ‘Thick As Thieves’ Barrel-Aged Wild Saison on Friday

The GOODS from Strange Fellows Brewing

Vancouver, BC | Best keep a sharp eye on your glass of this barrel-aged wild saison lest it be purloined when you’re not looking. Brewed with a unique multi-culture in cunning collaboration with our accomplices from Crooked Stave Brewery*, this delicately sour Saison – with its sweet and spicy aroma and round-bodied lemony character – would be an enticing treasure for any backyard moon-lighter.

TYPE: Provisional Wild Saison
AROMA: Sweet / Herbal / Spicy
CHARACTER: Round-bodied / Strong / Sour
COLOUR: Golden
FOOD PAIRING: Strong aged cheeses / Charcuterie / Pasta with spicy red sauce
A.B.V.: 9.1%
750ml Bottle

RELEASE DATE: Friday June 26th

* Crooked Stave is a pretty cool brewery in Denver, Colorado who share our fondness for sour, barrel-aged beers.

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