Contemplating Life on a Handmade ‘Floating Island’

With our cities now so laughably unaffordable, thousands of British Columbians are stuck imagining wonderful homes instead of living in them. Spaced is a record of our minds wandering the world of architecture and design, up and away from the unrewarding realities of shoebox condos, dark basement suites, sweet f~ck all on Craigslist and three levels of government that couldn’t give a damn.

(via) This tiny, rentable artist studio floating on Berlin’s River Spree looks like it would be a fine and contemplative place to relax. Appropriately dubbed “Floating Island”, it comes with a raised platform bed (with skylight above), a book collection (likely in German, but whatever), a kitchen and bathroom (that share a sink), a portable wifi router and a big deck, upon which can be found a BBQ, a herb garden, a hammock, and several other wonderful things besides. Most of the furnishings are handmade. I’d prefer mine in False Creek, but Berlin would do.

Images via Plum Guide

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  1. Vancouver has its own floating artist’s cabin, which found a new home last summer. Unfortunately closed due to Covid it seems but hopefully it’s long history will resume.