Employee Pricing Takes Flight at Irish Heather, Open Outcry, Salt Tasting Room

The GOODS from The Irish Heather

Vancouver, BC | As a young man back in Ireland, Seán Heather worked for budget airline Ryanair…there for 4 years, he was one of the first 500 front line employees. When the First Gulf War kicked off in 1991, the world lost faith in airline travel. Further crippled by soaring fuel costs, the airline industry teetered on the brink of collapse. Ryanair believed that people needed to be given a reason to fly again, a reason that was too good to resist. They flooded the market with 1 million seats at 1 euro each. Anywhere that Ryanair flew, customers could fly there for 1 euro. Here was a deal that coaxed people back into the skies. Ryanair was the only airline in the world to show a profit that year, despite the world being paralyzed by fear.

Fast-forward 29 years and we are experiencing consumer fear on a much larger scale, and not just for flying. Through no fault of their own, restaurants/bars are struggling and the HHG operations are no exception. Heather’s plan, based on what he learned from Ryanair, is to drop prices to make it irresistible for the public to visit The Irish Heather, Salt Tasting Room and Open Outcry.

“I’d rather be full on a Monday at 50% off than have a smattering of guests at full price.”

Under the banner “Employee Pricing” each week, at certain times and on certain days guests will pay what the employees pay. To qualify folk simply go to any of our websites and sign up.

$4 pints of Guinness at The Heather, $8 tasting plates at Salt, 25% off cocktails at Open Outcry, free tapas everywhere, see attached flyer for this week’s offers.

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