Fraserhood’s Say Mercy to Launch New ‘B-Side’ Outdoor Sandwich Shop

Tomorrow (Thursday, June 18), the Fraserhood’s (still new) Say Mercy! restaurant will launch an al fresco sandwich operation called B-Side out of its back door.

It looks like the good folks at Say Mercy – who were just two months in when Covid-19 hit – got the long end of the stick with the City of Vancouver’s temporary pop-up plaza program. They’ve got six pink patio tables lined up for service on their tree-shaded side of East 27th Avenue, which has been shut for the summer. That makes for 24 seats for the patio-less restaurant, which has had to shrink its dining room capacity by 50%.

Chef Sean Reeves has put together a four sandwich menu – cheesesteak, falafel, pulled pork, jerk chicken – plus an ice cream sandwich. Operating hours will be 11:30 to 5pm. If that isn’t cool enough, B-Side will transition into a outdoor wine bar in the evenings, with nine wines by the glass, a couple of beers and a truncated Say Mercy menu of eats. I was on hand yesterday as they were setting up. It’s kind of a dream. Take a look…

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  • IMG_1846 2
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  1. I’m freaked out a guy with a beard that big isn’t wearing a beard net. It’s against VCH regulations.

  2. Doug–I also thought the same thing. All kitchen staff cooking and touching foods should where a mask, cap shield, or mouth shield at the very least.

  3. To be clear, Sean was making me a sandwich here. It’s not during service. The restaurant is closed.