East Van’s Rio Theatre Is Evidently Having Fun Working on Its Reopening Plan

My favourite movie theatre, The Rio, is aiming to mount a comeback when the green light is given for socially distant movie screenings (hopefully in July). As this short, house-produced YouTube video attests, they’ve got a few things to figure it out first. I have full confidence. As one commenter put it: “I miss that popcorn so much I would happily receive it in my face.”

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‘The Keefer Yard’ Prepares to Tee Off in Chinatown

The narrow but deep vacant lot beside The Keefer Bar is currently being transformed into The Keefer Yard, an al fresco space dedicated to outdoor games and good times.

PHOTOS // Scenes From Friday’s Protest Against Racism and Police Brutality

Local photographer Jonathan Norton was at the protest on Friday, June 5th and shared some of his images with us.

Outdoor Salad Dressing Exchange Spotted in East Van

You can download countless recipes from any number of websites, but your immediate neighbours might know best.

Gastown Restaurateur Sings Song of Survival

We all know Sean Heather can pull a good pint and cut a tasty cheese board, but did you also know he could sing?