COMFORT FOOD GUIDE // Snappy, All-Dressed Wieners on East Hastings

This series maps out our editors’ picks for Vancouver’s best and most legendary comfort foods. We encourage readers to steer us towards their favourites in the comments or by using the hashtag #ScoutYVR on social media.

This small, punk rock-loving Hastings-Sunrise snackbar is anchored by a selection of six delicious hot dog variations that range from the traditional to the kinda weird. The Chicago-style ‘Wrigley Field’ is my personal go-to (tomato, onions, pickle, sport peppers, celery salt, mustard, relish), but no matter the condiments the star is always the wiener — big, juicy, snappy beauties made from grass-fed, hormone-free Two Rivers beef. (There are a couple of veggie options, but we haven’t tried those.) Bonus comfort: soft and warm waffles fries!

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