SEE BC FIRST // We Can’t Wait to Sleep Under The Stars In Helm Creek Meadows

SEE BC FIRST // We Can’t Wait to Sleep Under The Stars In Helm Creek Meadows

We travel-starved and isolated British Columbians should enter into a covenant with one another — that when this nightmare ends we commit to enjoying a local adventure before travelling anywhere else.

By James Morrison | James Morrison is an avid hiker and plant enthusiast who loves to explore the many colourful corners of what BC has to offer.

With Provincial Parks returning for day use we’ve been able to quench some of our thirst for the outdoors, if only for a few hours a day. But as of the fast-approaching first of June, we’re hoping for our first long-sought night under the stars in months. We can’t think of any place better for the occasion (or more accessible) than the Black Tusk hike in Garibaldi Provincial Park. Located just a little North of Vancouver along the Sea-to-Sky highway, it’s just too convenient for it to not be at the top of our list. With a first day of a workout on switchback mountain trails, we’re looking forward to turning the bend into the Helm Creek Meadows campground to spend the night huddled around a propane burner, sharing stories and laughs. DETAILS

What are some of your favourite places that you’ll want to hit when normalcy returns? We’re stuck close to home too and want to be inspired and uplifted by your shout outs and ideas for travel within BC, so please share via #seeBCfirst.

Garibaldi Provincial Park
Garibaldi Provincial Park, BC-99, Brackendale, BC, Canada

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