Finding Good Reads Big and Small, From Grand Tales of BC to Thick Culinary Mags

Take advantage of at least some of your currently unspoken-for hours by tackling something good to read.
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Finding Good Reads Big and Small, From Grand Tales of BC to Thick Culinary Mags

Reading, and I mean really reading, is something that there never really used to be enough time for. At least, not until the middle of this past March, when my relationship with time went out the window…

The Big Read: I’m joining the chorus of people currently recommending Greenwood by local author Michael Christie. The epic family saga spans the Depression to the near future and is rooted in the characters’ relationships with the trees of British Columbia. Though the story (long-listed for the Giller Prize in 2019) is a work of fiction, the author’s passion for BC is obvious, contagious and honestly needed right about now. It will compel you through its 512 pages, possibly depriving you of a good night’s sleep or two. If you’re like me, then you’re not sleeping much these days anyway. You can get it for around $35 (hardcover only) at Massy Books in Chinatown.

The Short Read: If you’re more of a grazing type, or you get peckish for some snack-size reading between your bookish ‘meals’, I’ve got a couple of recommendations for you also: The Gourmand is a culinary magazine that looks and feels like a glossy art mag, but with articles that are accessible for any reader who is interested in food (i.e. everyone). The latest issue, 13, is available from Vancouver Special. The article on Hemingway’s legendary appetite and another on the underrated deliciousness of SPAM are two highlights. You might also seek out Luncheon,  a midday meal-inspired culture magazine. Its large format size and nearly 300 pages make it a feast. Last time I checked, Neighbour in Gastown still had Issue 8 in stock. Flip to the back for a delightful interview with a couple of British restaurateurs over lunch with the Editor, with recipes to accompany it.

The Free/Online Read: I’m paying this one forward from a fellow avid reader from Montreal, Sruti Islam, who turned me onto this fantastic ‘What We’ve Learned’ series in the New York Times, including a killer piece by Molly Young about how she embraced her quarantine-induced insanity. Dig the original and unfiltered perspective!

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Vancouver Special 3612 Main St. MAP
Neighbour (Men) 125-12 Water St. MAP

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