‘Legends Haul’ Shares How to Make Cafe Medina’s Famous Cassoulet at Home

The GOODS from Legends Haul

Vancouver, BC | With more Vancouverites cooking at home in an effort to physically distance, there’s currently a demand for unique new recipes to try at home. Recently, local grocery delivery service Legends Haul partnered with beloved brunch spot, Cafe Medina, to bring Vancouverites the restaurant’s signature Liege-style waffles in their grocery orders. Now, the restaurant shares the recipe to their famous Cassoulet to pair with those same waffles. Here’s Chef Chris West’s guide to making it for a table/family of four…


Legends Haul Bacon – 150g
Andouille – 150g
Garlic Farmer’s Sausage – 150g
Yellow onion – 1 small dice
Garlic clove – 3 minced
Roma tomato – 4 medium dice
Red wine – 250mL
Sherry vinegar – 50mL
Crushed tomato (canned) – 500mL
White beans (cooked) – 250g
Maple syrup – 1tbsp
Rosemary – 5g chopped
Black pepper – to taste
Salt – to taste
Eggs – 8

Some tips:

– This recipe is best done in steps if you are looking to save some time. Your meat can be cut and beans can be cooked the day before and left in the fridge.

– Read the whole recipe before starting and you can plan your moves accordingly.

– Taste as you go! It’s not just for fun. Think of it as trying to write a song that you aren’t listening to. Getting to eat as you cook is just a bonus.


– Cook your beans in salted boiling water until soft. They should hold their shape but not be granular when you bite into them. Your water should taste like the ocean. Remove from water and let sit on a pan until use

– Cut each meat into 4 x 1oz slabs then medium dice the leftover meats

– Dice your onions, garlic and roma tomatoes.

– Heat a large saucepan over low-medium heat with a splash of your favourite oil. We prefer olive oil.

– Toss in your leftover diced meats. Let some of the fat render out.

– Toss in onions and garlic and stir until onions are soft and translucent.

– Add diced tomatoes and cook until soft

– Deglaze pan with red wine and sherry vinegar. Let the liquid reduce by half.

– Add crushed tomato and mix thoroughly. Turn the heat to medium and let simmer for about 20 minutes.

– Season with salt, pepper and chopped rosemary and taste. When seasoned to your liking, fold in white beans

– Place 1oz slabs of meat on an oiled tray in a 350 degree oven until browned (likely 5-7 minutes)

– While the meat is cooking, cook the 8 eggs to your liking

– Scoop hot cassoulet sauce onto a large lipped plate or bowl

– Add one slab of each type of meat from the bake sheet to the top of the sauce

– Place cooked eggs on top (soft yolks are best so you can stir into the sauce).

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