Who Needs Hand Sanitizer? ‘Sons of Vancouver’ Seeks Charities and Non-Profits in Need

The GOODS from Sons Of Vancouver

North Vancouver, BC | Sons of Vancouver receives over a hundred emails every day for hand sanitizer sales and requests. Back in March they started by giving away 100ml of hand sanitizer to people on the North Shore who came by during their ‘Open Hours’ and brought their own bottle to top up. Over the course of a month that has turned into sanitizer being their main production focus, even more so than Amaretto and Whisky.

“I don’t believe anyone has ever woken up in the morning, excited to make hand sanitizer, but that’s us right now!” says co-owner, James Lester. “It’s a pretty crazy world out there so we’re happy to re-tool and make sanitizer opposed to the other option of closing down.”

SOV is asking people to contact their favourite charity or nonprofit and have them register here. This will allow us to manage their request best and get sanitizer out to people the fastest. Each donation will be a 20 litre bucket of Sanitizer at 70% ABV.

Sons of Vancouver is approved by Health Canada to produce Hand Sanitizer

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