Spend Your Canadian Emergency Response Benefit Like You Love Vancouver

If you are anticipating some financial relief from the Feds in the coming days, please consider doing your city a solid and spending whatever tiny amount you’ve allotted for discretionary purposes on local, independent businesses. The big box stores, chain restaurants and online giants don’t need your money as much as the little guys do right now, and the little guys are one of the key things that make this city special.

I understand that it’s never a good look to tell people how to spend their money, but let’s be clear: this is government cheese — it’s our money. We’re all going to pay for it eventually, by way of taxes after our economy recovers. So spread that cheddar. Make it count.

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  1. I’ll be spending my tiny amount of staying alive, but thanks for the recommendation to spend $20 on a cup of granola.

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