Co-Owner/Chef of Vij’s and Rangoli Details Take-Out, Delivery Options

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Vancouver, BC | During this pandemic, most of us are stocking up and planning on cooking at home. I grew up with a mother who insisted: when your mind is stressed, your body has to be “inside strong and clean” so as not to add more subliminal stress. She would make me and my younger sister, Ritu, munch on celery, green bell peppers, and carrots to help us “stay smart”. And she never made it seem a necessary chore. She let us choose our dip. I got a bit of peanut butter and my sister got a tablespoon or two of strawberry ice cream that she would gleefully stir into a soup. Mom would sit with us at the table and drink her chai. I can still smell the combination of cardamom, imitation strawberry, and peanuts. Mom loved her girls and her chai.

If you don’t normally cook at home, I highly recommend chickpeas, bulk mung beans (they have a universal likeable taste and take 1/2 hour to cook) and sweet potatoes (especially Japanese) as healthy, filling staples. You can saute onions and add them to anything. And do remember the celery, bell peppers and carrots (the skinnier the bulk carrot, the sweeter, and don’t peel it). Ready made hummus and babaganoush make great dips.

Now I’ll write as a restaurant owner for when you simply don’t feel like cooking and need a break. This also helps us keep enough of a thread/trickle of business going so as to ensure that when we come out of this world crisis, the Vij’s lifeline is ready to be revived back to health.

Vij’s on Cambie is doing a special, affordable take-out or pick-up menu 5pm onwards, with our front staff delivering to homes. Very sanitary kitchen with full safety precautions —- just two cooks at separate stations maintaining a safe distance. We are also putting our curries into sealed containers for home freezers.

We’re being creative and cooking for all home needs and budgets in this time of crisis. We can make you a full balanced vegan or vegetarian meal for your family and get it to you.

Please phone us at 604-736-6664 or order from our website We will soon be up on Doordash and Skip the Dishes.


Meeru Dhalwala | Co-Owner/Chef, Vij’s and Rangoli Restaurants

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  1. Miss the take out freezers they had at Rangoli. Discontinued it when they moved next door. Would drop $100 on curries, samosa’s, rice, naan, salmon cakes and some minty sauce, oh and the chocolate goodies. Out in 5 minutes and amazing dinner at home for a group. Haven’t been there again since I discovered they didn’t continue the easy peasy pickup they had next door. 🙁 Maybe they would consider that again given the times.