Oyama Sausage Co. Updates Protocols, Introduces ‘Seniors Only’ Hour


The GOODS from Oyama Sausage Company

Vancouver, BC | Vancouver’s Granville Island Public Market continues to be open for local residents only, for grocery shopping purposes, although it’s closed to sightseeing visitors and as a social gathering place. The market is an essential food source for city residents, and Oyama Sausage Co. expects to remain open and operating as usual, provided that the shop’s staff continue to be available and healthy. Please note that the Market has designated the time from 9:00AM opening until 10:00AM every morning as “seniors only” shopping.

In order to minimize social contact, Oyama requests that customers consider pre-ordering for pick up. Call the store at 604-327-7407 to place an order; Oyama’s staff will take pre-payment to minimize time in the store, and will have the items ready to pick up as soon as possible. (Please plan to pick up orders after 10:00AM, in accordance with the restriction noted above.)

Oyama’s inventory varies, as the shop specializes in fresh items that are often made with local ingredients, but in general it remans well-stocked.

The plans outlined are necessarily subject to change, as the situation develops. In the meantime Oyama wishes everyone good health and good eating!

About Oyama Sausage Co. | Oyama Sausage was founded by John and Christine Van Der Lieck in 2001. Located in Granville Island’s Public Market, the shop carries a wide selection of fresh sausages and handmade pâtés, as well as cured salamis and hams. John, whose ancestry includes five generations of Dutch and German charcuterie makers, has cultivated partnerships with local farmers and suppliers to ensure he works with only the best ingredients. He experiments with fusions between traditional charcuterie (including recipes that have been in his family for generations) and international cuisine, drawing from the rich diversity of food cultures in Vancouver to create modern and exciting flavour combinations that reflect the multicultural mosaic of the city.

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