East Van Distillery Makes Hand Sanitizer in Response to COVID-19 Health Crisis

The GOODS from Odd Society Spirits

UPDATE: We have sources for glycerin now! Thanks you, hive! We NEED to source personal size BOTTLES and SPRAY CAPS and HYDROGEN PEROXIDE. Please contact us if you have these products.

Vancouver distillery, Odd Society Spirits, is making hand sanitizer from distilled product. Odd Society’s hand sanitizer is 70% ethanol by volume and contains water, aloe vera, glycerin and gin botanicals. Distillers Gordon Glanz and Joel McNichol have been working on a recipe and sourcing ingredients for the past week and have been able to make a small 20L batch, bottled in 375ml glass bottles which will be donated to not-for-profit organizations within the community that are in need. The demand for hand sanitizer is enormous, the two know they won’t come close to fulfilling the need, but with help from other businesses, they may be able to make a small dent.

“There is a shortage of glycerin and aloe vera,” says Glanz. “we will have to eliminate aloe from any future batches if we can not source more, but without glycerin we won’t be able to produce any sanitizer at all.”

The distillery is facing other challenges with hand sanitizer production and distribution: as Odd Society is already feeling the financial ramifications from the pandemic and are donating the sanitizer, they are hoping to find a supplier to donate 100mL or smaller bottles but they haven’t had any luck getting anyone to support the cause. If there is a likeminded company out there that would like to support Odd Society’s efforts to continue to get sanitizer in the hands of Vancouver’s most vulnerable population, please contact the distillery. They need personal-size spray bottles and glycerin.

Currently, Odd Society is focused on completing the production of spirits that were in the works before last Friday and on their hand sanitizer donation program. They have no plans as of yet to produce sanitizer for retail or personal use but that may change in the very near future.

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