UPDATED // Vancouver’s Aragon Properties Provides Shining Example of How to Suck in a Crisis

Screenshot from TheArtiste.com

It appears as if Vancouver’s Aragon Properties chose a pretty heartless time to send out rent increase notices to tenants at The Artiste building in the Brewery Creek area yesterday.

It seems in direct contravention of the words and spirit of the tenant relations page on their website:

“Your home at the Artiste is your space to let your most creative inner self soar within a community of kindred spirits. At The Artiste we’re dedicated to making every aspect of renting and leasing easier and more enjoyable. We believe in treating tenants fairly while keeping a good balance of rights and responsibilities in the landlord/tenant relationship.”

I’d like to think this wouldn’t happen in a time of crisis, but this being Vancouver…I gotta say it’s hardly surprising. When I reached out to The Artiste this morning to give the building manager the opportunity to comment, I was told he was in a board meeting. My hope is that the meeting is to address rescinding the notice of increase, but it might just be that greed is immune to everything, even shame and good sense. Don’t let this sort of example set the tone. It doesn’t take much effort or thought to do so much better than this.

UPDATE: I just received the following note from a representative of Aragon Properties…

I’m reaching out on behalf of Aragon Properties and the article that just went up on rent increases at The Artiste. I want you to know this was an oversight and the situation is being rectified as we speak. Could you please update your story to include the below statement, to be attributed to Aragon Properties?

“Aragon Properties has formally revoked the rent increase that was delivered on March 17th. Our team sincerely apologizes for the oversight. This rent increase was to take effect in June/July 2020 and was scheduled to automatically distribute before the situation with the COVID-19 virus escalated and its an oversight for which we take full responsibility. Aragon will be absorbing these rent increases, as we understand this is a difficult time for all of us. We encourage residents to reach out to us directly if they have further concerns.”

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  1. I sincerely hope that this causes the PR nightmare the it merits for their company. Signing petitions and sending emails now.

  2. Hey Andrew. I am not surprised at all. My parents are owners of one of the penthouse suites at Aragon’s “Peninsula” tower in Queensborough. For the last two year there has been severe leaking from their patio into their living room/kitchen and Aragon has done nothing to remedy the problem. There are other units that are also affected from leaking.

    Aragon have not even completed the deficiencies in their unit or numerous other owners suites.

    They have tried to contact Lenny Moy numerous times with no avail.

    Aragon is a disaster of a company and everyone should be extremely weary of buying from them.

  3. “Aragon will be absorbing these rent increases” lol. I think what they meant to say is: “will not be increasing our profits as much as we would’ve liked”

  4. Fairbridge Enterprises Ltd. also posted a rental increase in our building in the West End. The same day I lost my job! Although I am not the most in need, as my partner continues to work, there are seniors, families, and single people in our building who are undoubtedly feeling this crisis in all its uncertainties. Read the room, Fairbridge…

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