Say Mercy Launches ‘Staff Meal’ Program to Help Industry Workers in Time of Need

The GOODS from Say Mercy!

Vancouver, BC | Closing down was tough. And not knowing what’s coming next, how we will all pay for things, and if we will be okay is flat out scary.

Community and Hospitality can help us see our way through it. We can’t touch, but we can stay connected. And we can remain in service to each other, with or without a restaurant.

The walls don’t define us, our actions do. When we closed today, we started cooking.

We started making STAFF MEAL, because we know our fellow servers and cooks will need to eat and may not have a lot of disposable income.

Starting today we are putting a menu together of 500ml meals ranging from $5-$10 that you can purchase fresh to eat or freeze. Buy one a day, or buy a bunch to stock up your freezer.

They will available for pick-up at Say Mercy and can be bought directly from our website. Orders will be accepted daily until 2pm, and ready for pickup between 430-630pm (Tues-Sat).

To serve our community as best we can, each order placed will require a $2 donation to the Vancouver Food Bank. Our way of providing you with tasty, wholesome food and your way of giving back to people who rely greatly on that service.

Pay $2 – buy as many STAFF MEALS as you need.

Purchases start Wednesday, March 18th.

We hope this helps us all take care of each other.

– The Collective Hospitality Team.

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