Celebrate Valentine’s Day and the Coming of Spring With Seasonal Features at Yuwa

The GOODS from Yuwa

Vancouver, BC | Let us set the mood for Valentine’s Day with our special Valentine’s Divine sushi roll, available Thursday, February 13th to Saturday, February 15th. The colourful creation from Chef and Co-Owner Masahiro Omori comprises chopped scallop and cucumber rolled with Albacore tuna, sockeye salmon and pink soybean sheet and is topped with BC’s own Northern Divine caviar.

To make a dinner reservation for your special Valentine, call us at 604-731-9378 or book online.


The Wonders of Wagashi
Try our February Feature

Wagashi is much more than just a traditional Japanese dessert. The complexity of the sweet confections can be observed in our new daffodil-shaped wagashi feature dessert. The outer layer is Shirozake-an (white bean paste) mixed with gyuhi (mochi) and it is filled with a koshi-an (red bean paste). Designed to accompany the naturally bitter taste of Japanese green tea, wagashi are beautiful and intricate, complementing the aesthetics of the tea ceremony for which they were originally created.

‘The Comprehensive Art of the Human Senses’

VISION: Characterized by its intricate design
HEARING: Each piece is named after a beautiful seasonal object or word from a piece of famous literature
TASTE: A fine balance is required — wagashi should not be too sweet or too plain
TOUCH: Texture should be appreciated by touching it with the hand or by placing it in the mouth
SMELL: Should smell fragrant, hinting to the ingredients used to make it


Ureshii Hinamatsuri!
Happy Hinamatsuri!

Tuesday, March 3 marks Hinamatsuri, or ‘Girls Day’ — a Japanese cultural celebration that honours girls and sees people take part in rituals believed to bestow and promote the health, happiness and longevity of the girls in their lives. The origins of Hinamatsuri can be traced back to the Heian Era that began in 794, when girls would make paper dolls representing emperors and empresses and send them adrift on rivers as a way to cleanse the soul of impurities. Today, the event is celebrated with songs, colourful dishes and elaborate displays of dolls in private residences, temple grounds and hotels.

sashimi, vegetables and ikura on rice
colourful and customary main dish of the Hinamatsuri feast
Available Exclusively Tuesday, March 3

made from bean paste
symbolizes good health (pink), the snow yet to melt (white) and the coming of spring (green)
Available all March long

adorned in edible peach blossoms
seasonal symbol of Hinamatsuri
Available all March long

ABOUT YUWA JAPANESE CUISINE | Tucked away in the heart of Vancouver’s West Side, Yuwa Japanese Cuisine is an elegant enclave where a creative homage to regional Japanese fare is complemented by one of the city’s best selections of artisan sake and wine. Led by Executive Chef Masahiro Omori and renowned Sake Sommelier and Co-Owner Iori Kataoka, Yuwa offers an inspired approach to the traditional kaiseki style of dining where the very best local and seasonal ingredients are paired with consummate service, attention to detail and expert knowledge of fine wine and sake from around the world to provide a Zen culinary experience unlike any other. Formerly known as Zest Japanese Cuisine, Yuwa was newly christened in the fall of 2017 and quickly singled out as a finalist for both Best New Restaurant and Best Japanese at the 2018 and 2019 editions of the Vancouver Magazine Restaurant Awards, respectively.

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