Cuddly 2020 Valentine’s Day ‘JoieBox’ Revealed by Naramata’s JoieFarm Winery

The GOODS from JoieFarm

Naramata, BC | Make it a very ‘rosé’ V-Day with these sparkling and skin-contact wines:

2 x 2018 Plein de Vie – what’s more romantic than pink bubbles?
2 x 2018 Quotidien Brut – no need to spend a fortune on Champagne
2 x 2018 JoieFarm Rosé – talk about ‘pretty in pink’
2 x 2018 Chic Fille Pinot Noir Rosé – “it’s natural and it’s spectacular!”
2 x 2018 Chic Fille Gewürztraminer – 9 straight days of skin-contact for this wine
2 x 2017 JoieFarm PTG – the perfect marriage of Pinot Noir and Gamay

Please note: We recommend pairing with these wines with your partner, close friends or that special pet in your life. Champagne flutes not included. Chocolate optional. SHOP NOW

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