On Beautiful Fast Food Spots and the City of Vancouver Failing its Restaurants

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Almost three years after allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced about Spotted Pig owner, Ken Friedman, the New York restaurant has officially closed its doors.

Remembering Bistro Wagon Rouge and the joy it brought Vancouver restaurant goers over the course of its nearly 7-year run.

The makings of a modern classic: the story of six iconic cocktails that have worked their way into infamy.

Reminder: racism in no way prevents the spread of infection and blaming the coronavirus on assumptions about how Chinese people eat is most definitely racist.

“The outbreak has had a decidedly dehumanizing effect, reigniting old strains of racism and xenophobia that frame Chinese people as uncivilized, barbaric ‘others’ who bring with them dangerous, contagious diseases and an appetite for dogs, cats, and other animals outside the norms of Occidental diets.”

Vancouver restaurant closures continue and Kitsilano’s Cantina Pana is laying blame at the feet of city hall.

Delta distillery Goodridge & Williams has been purchased by Labatt Breweries as the beer company tries to capitalize on the growing ready-to-drink cocktail trend.

Vancouver chef Roger Ma is bringing home the gold after taking first place at this year’s Canadian Culinary Championships in Ottawa.

Why questions about natural wine and sustainability are more complicated than you might think.

“Natural wine isn’t immune to the problems of a complex global economy and supply chain. It travels long distances. It sits in ships and trucks and boxes in air-conditioned distribution centers. Even some of the most holistic, socially conscious wine distributors are caught in an extractive economic model simply because those are the systems that exist.”

Drinking via Instagram honours this week go to @viranlly who reminds us that an extra dry martini is what gets you through these rain-filled winter days.

While this infamous Vancouver late-night spot went dark without explanation in November, news has surfaced that the space will re-open as Cold Tea Restaurant in the coming months.

And speaking of new openings, from the folks that brought you Pallet Coffee Roasters comes Palate Kitchen set to open downtown in the coming week.

Inconceivable! Chicago will soon be home to a Princess Bride-themed pop-up bar!

Satisfy your sweet tooth and your cosmic curiosity with this month’s horoscopes from Bon Appetit.

The fourth incarnation of a much-beloved Vancouver restaurant sets up shop at the Robson Public Market. Globe and Mail food critic Alexandra Gill sees a lot of promise.

Just because they’re fast food doesn’t mean they can’t be beautiful! Atlas Obscura takes a tour of seven stunning fast-food locations around the world.

While they may not end up removing the Criminal in Chief from office, these impeachment cakes must have been a welcome treat for the 53 republican senators failing miserably at their constitutional duties.

With an influx of high end cocktail joints and a skilled group of bartenders to match, Halifax is making a name for itself as an east coast cocktail destination: Imbibe reports.

Just when you thought your microwave was only good for reheating leftovers, an acclaimed bartender suggests you consider throwing a cocktail in there every now and again.

In the hopes of sparking curiosity about electron microscopy, this Canadian researcher built the world’s tiniest gingerbread house.

Take a trip down Super Bowl memory lane with a look back at some of the best food and beverage ads during the big game.

And while we’re on the subject of Super Bowl ads, in what can only be described as a marketing coup, Planters Peanuts kills off their 104-year-old mascot all in the name of a game day memorial.

On the history of a prisoner’s last meal and how the practice originally began.

Looking for work in the industry? Check out who’s hiring!

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