DL Chicken and BETA5 Join Forces to Create Ultimate Spicy Chocolate Bar

The GOODS from The Downlow Chicken Shack

Vancouver, BC | With the melting snow, something sweet hopes to melt hearts (and tastebuds) soon. DL Chicken Shack and BETA5 are going for the “hottest chocolate bar” mantle in Canada with the launch of their “Side of Milk” chocolate bar, starting Tuesday, January 21, 2020. Available exclusively at DL Chicken (905 Commercial Drive) and BETA5 (409 Industrial Ave), the bar features 66 per cent dark chocolate, DL chile Carolina Reaper dust blend, and crispy chicken skin.

“Adam and I were brainstorming on how we could work together on something sweet, savoury, and spicy,” says Doug Stephen, co-owner of DL Chicken Shack and Downlow Burgers. “The result is our Side of Milk chocolate bar. We’re really proud of it! The sweetness works so well with our Side of Milk chile dust. The spice lingers, and the crispy chicken skin gives it that saltiness and slight crunch.”

A limited number is available until Valentine’s Day on February 14, 2020. The Side of Milk also kick-starts BETA5’s collaboration series for 2020. A new bar will be dropped every month.

“We are looking forward to teaming up with some of Vancouver’s most talented chefs this year,” says Adam Chandler, co-owner of BETA5 Chocolates, named one of North America’s Top Ten Chocolatiers. “Doug and Lindsey were the first to bring Nashville Hot Chicken to Vancouver. The creative process was great – we couldn’t be happier with Side of Milk.”

About DL Chicken Shack | Launched in 2018 by Doug Stephen and Lindsey Mann, DL Chicken Shack brings Southern charm and hospitality to Vancouver with its take on Nashville Hot Chicken – the popular crispy, fried chicken style known for its signature paste blend of “hot” spices. Guests can also find a variety of creative fried chicken sandos, fries on “the downlow”, and more on the current menu. Open seven days a week.

About BETA5 | BETA5 is a contemporary and innovative chocolate and pastry shop in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. We were named as One of North America’s Top Ten Chocolatiers, have received numerous International Chocolate Awards, and have been recognized nationally and internationally for our work. We meld art and science, and emphasize technical precision and design to create visually stunning products that showcase the flavours of the premium ingredients we work with. Driven by our collective creative energies, the team at BETA5 continually works to develop and ever-changing assortment of chocolates, cream puffs, ice cream treats and breakfast pastries.
We are constantly influenced by nature and industrial landscapes. Our workshop and storefront are located in an industrial area on the edge of downtown Vancouver, with a breathtaking view of the North Shore Mountains. The juxtaposition between nature and industrial landscapes guides our creative process, and has influenced our design collaborations.

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