On the Trouble With Being Doomed and Making Fun of Ourselves in the Snow

Tea & Two Slices is a long-running local news round-up by NEEDS frontman and veteran dishwasher Sean Orr, who lives and works in Gastown, deeply aware of his privilege.

Throw them all in the gulag! BC Liberal Government Shut Down RCMP Unit After Mobster Bought Stake in BC Casino: Report. Expect Coleman to pull the Trump “which hunt, no collusion” card. The details here are disgusting. Blood is on his hands:

“The report also contained jarring allegations of victimization, including that women with gambling debts in Asia were being trafficked to B.C. and forced into sex work, and that children in B.C. had been thrown in the trunk of a car and warned at gun-point that their father owed $300,000.”

They knew. They were warned and they turned a blind eye. As long as cash was pouring into BC they were fine with it. Coleman disbanded an RCMP investigative unit that was looking into gaming months after it issued a threat assessment warning about criminal activity. Just so happened to be in the middle of our ascent into a stratospheric housing boom. I mean, Scorcese couldn’t be handed a better script to work with.

I’m no criminal law expert, but a breach of trust such as this one looks to be about 5 years in prison. And this guy is still a member of the BC Liberal caucus…

Tyee Poll: Are You Booing or Cheering the Drop in Vancouver House Prices? Bit of a false dilemma here. Nobody wants to see families lose equity. We wanted governments to enact policy a decade ago when we knew this was happening. That being said, we’ve long known there was going to be a market correction.

‘Welcome, welcome, we have a table right here for you, sir.’ Posthaste: Returning Canadian expats from Hong Kong and other flashpoints to drive up prices of upscale housing. This is what we mean when we say the problem is global in scale. This is what we mean by Hedge City:

Prices of upscale homes could see another bump as returning Canadians from global hotspots and troubled nations seek safe harbour in Canada, fuelling demand for more housing amid a constrained supply situation.

Did this guy really just suggest that supply of luxury units was ‘constrained’? Omg, we are doomed.

Speaking of supply: Tons of New Apartments Are Being Built That Almost No One Can Afford. Trickle. Down. Housing. Doesn’t. Exist.

“Developers say, building more units for wealthy tenants means they’ll move out of their smaller apartments, leaving them available to lower-income renters. An analysis out of the Joint Center For Housing Studies of Harvard University found this isn’t happening.”

Remember earlier this week when I sassed Daily Hive for comparing Vancouver to Seattle? Yeah, well… The Rash of Restaurant Closures Shows Seattle Has Reached the Second and Terminal Stage of Gentrification. Literally just replace the word Seattle with Vancouver…don’t @ me.

In 2015, Seattle did not have enough restaurants for its booming economy, lots of entrepreneurs rushed in to meet the demand, the market rapidly became saturated, and now it is returning to a kind of equilibrium, a kind of sanity.

Horgan says ‘rule of law applies,’ LNG pipeline will proceed despite protests. What about the rule of law you passed to uphold UNDRIP, you hypocrite. If you though Glen Clark was a scumbag…

Forecast calls for flurries of truth:

Satire of the day: City that hosted 2010 Winter Olympics fails to prepare for snow again. Funny but true.

Here are the best examples I could find on Reddit: Pattullo bridge gong show. Also, today’s traffic report. Also, behold the Vancouver bus in its natural winter habitat. Also, the situational irony. Also, driving with a completely blocked windshield and license plate out.

Not satire. This happened: Campus-wide snowball fight at UBC postponed due to snow.

Finally, here’s a guy shoveling snow with folding chair:

Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, visits Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre in Vancouver. Not that anyone should care about a family of inbreds who leech taxpayer dollars but if it made these women feel good then I’m here for it.

I don’t even have anything to say about this: Taking children with autism to Mexico for fecal transplants ‘out of scope’ for naturopaths, regulator says.

Got him: Former Manitoba reservist linked to neo-Nazi group arrested in US.

Action: Open Letter to the City of Vancouver and the Province of BC.

Bonus: Indian Giver Are the Band Indigenous Hardcore Fans Have Been Waiting For.

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