On Finally Figuring Out Rent Control and Burning Down the Vancouver House

Tea & Two Slices is a long-running local news round-up by NEEDS frontman and veteran dishwasher Sean Orr, who lives and works in Gastown, deeply aware of his privilege.

Vancouver Looks Poised to Sell off False Creek South. No, no, absolutely not. These units are one of the best things Vancouver has ever done. A walkable, socially healthy planned community– the catalyst for Vancouverism that we then packaged up and marketed to the world.

Did we not learn from the Little Mountain disaster that Vancouver should never sell city-owned land? Take Kingsgate Mall, for example. Imagine if we turned it into a non-market housing and hub close to the upcoming Millennium Line expansion?

Imagine if we took bold action (although exactly how bold seems to be a matter of debate) like California, which just approved statewide rent control to ease their housing crisis. I’m looking at you BC NDP. Grow a set.

Or, imagine if Canada followed the lead of Finland? Finland ends homelessness and provides shelter for all in need. This isn’t a handout, folks. It’s a hand up. It’s cheaper for the government, but try telling that to Boomers in any Lower Mainland comments section.

Nah…this sounds way more fun: $11,800 a month and all the BMWs you can drive: Vancouver House condos listed for rent. Oh my fucking god they are calling it “The Vancouver House neighbourhood” without even a shred of irony.

Speaking of which, it’s an outrage that the Bridge Scrotum aren’t headlining Vanchella this year:

Maybe their guarantee was too, um, high? Other notable exclusions: The Yimbys, Chowder Rat, The Ridgelantes, Lambo with an N sticker, Instalog, Yeast Van, and Poo and Pee.

And..Ming Wo? Ming Wo Cookware is closing after 100+ years of operating in Vancouver’s Chinatown. Everything is fine.

Just kidding. Fuck this dystopian racist hellhole: Indigenous grandfather and 12-year-old handcuffed in front of Vancouver bank after trying to open an account. ‘Wait a second…natives aren’t supposed to have this much money. They’re supposed to remain set in the deeply entrenched poverty that we created and we can help maintain that status quo by doing things like handcuffing a 12 year old for opening a bank account’. I’ll bet every person involved in this debacle still has their job. Ugh.

Speaking of people who inexplicably still have their job: UBC Cancels Andy Ngo Event; Global Platforms Ngo Without Challenge. UBC finally does something right and some no-name reporter who tweets about white genocide gives airtime to the Most Dangerous Grifter in America.

It begins: Iranians detained at Peace Arch as Middle East tensions escalate: report.

RIP: Remembering the B.C. victims of the Iran plane crash.

Event: Call to Solidarity: All Eyes on Wet’suwet’en

Honour bound: B.C. man seeks donated skateboards, skate shoes for at-risk Cuban youth.

Bonus: From ‘One Shit Job to Another Shit Job’

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  1. The author’s butthurt is showing in freaking technicolor in this article! I want to go stab myself now, thanks. Yeah, let’s do rent control. Said nobody ever that actually owned anything. It sure gets tiring watching the havenots constantly want the haves to not have anything either. Am I the only human on this freaking planet that understands that, if the cities in the world were simply to stop AirBnB (seems no prob to stop Uber et al), the housing crisis would be solved overnight. And not just here, but world wide. Wakedafuqup people!

  2. I’m not going to address the fact that you are clearly antisocial and don’t want a better society for everyone, not just those who own property, but regarding AirBnB- no one solution is a panacea. I’m also critical of AirBnB and it would free up a ton of rental stock, for sure. But we also have to tackle land prices, zoning, speculation, mortgage practices, foreign ownership, etc

  3. Wayne Frinker, a fair society is the agreement we made in return for not coming to your doors with torches. Maybe you’re right, maybe that agreement should be broken.

  4. Torches? Funny kid. It’s the 21st century, if provoked by a small mob of insane, the haves defend and dismember with modern devices, out-sourced. Not those carbon-burners of the dark ages. You can wear shades and a mask but the body can still be identified.

  5. Bang right on the money. We need city and provincial leadership to grow a pair and solve the housing problem in our province.

    Is this a town for tourists and foreigners or for people who actually work for a living?

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