Gastown’s PiDGiN Reveals New Year’s Eve Menu

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Vancouver, BC | A new decade awaits, as we wrap up the year and welcome a new beginning. The holidays can be a joyous, yet hectic time for many, with New Year’s Eve being a great opportunity for us to relax, reset and rejoice in each other’s company.

We invite you and your closest for a special evening with our PiDGiN family to ring in the new year. Chef Wesley Young has created another stunning menu that reflects upon the past year of inspirations. As we head into our seventh year, we look upon the new decade as an opportunity to continue our growth in the city we call home.

This year, we will have one set menu for omnivores, and one for vegetarians — both at $99 per person. For $75 per person, you can add optional wine and sake pairings to enhance your dining experience. We will also have an abbreviated à la carte menu available for the bar seats, with a good number of optional additions to make your NYE meal that much more memorable. Reserve by calling the restaurant at 604.620.9400.

Omnivore //

canapés /
oyster shot, celery lime granité
wagyu tataki, sansho pepper, daikon oroshi, ponzu
shiitake mushroom kushiyaki, kelp powder

friend brussels sprouts, pickled turnip, miso, brown butter crumb
/ add truffle

carrot and scallop, buttermilk, herb oil

uni and ikura, side stripe prawns, egg donburi, ume-daikon pickle
/ add caviar

sablefish and foie, side stripe prawns, dashi, mashed potato, wakame
/ add foie gras

magret duck breast, citrus hoisin glaze, radish cake, confit gizzards
/ add foie gras

yuzu crème brûlée, sudachi pepper

Vegetarian //

canapés /
veg shot, pear pearls, sunomono, celery lime granité
swiss chard wrapped cheese, egg furikake
shiitake mushroom kushiyaki, kelp salt

fried brussels sprouts and pickled turnips, miso, brown butter crumb

braised sunflower seed, nori sheet, quinoa cracker, wakame

gyoza, truffled cabbage, fermented mushroom broth

agedashi tofu, fermented jalapeño tsuyu, oroshi daikon scallions

cultivated and wild mushrooms, ramen egg, yuzu brown butter dressing, celeriac purée

vegan hot pot, soba noodle, enoki, napa cabbage, tofu

yuzu crème brûlée, sudachi pepper


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