On Awkward Family Dinners and Iconic Restaurants That Disappear in the Night

The Intelligence Brief is our weekly compendium of food and drink news sourced from outlets all over the world, including right here at home.

Indulging on a budget! Here is the Vancouver Sun’s picks for best happy hour deals around town.

Drawing inspiration from the sneaker industry, Wolves Whiskey is building anticipation and waiting for the perfect moment to drop.

Scout continues its tour of Vancouver’s best comfort foods with a surprising stop at a neighbourhood brewery.

Social scientists make the argument for attending those awkward family dinners over the holidays.

It’s a season that is cherished and dreaded often in equal measure. But while attending the company holiday party or fa-la-la-ing with family might seem like a chore, social scientists and other experts make a compelling case that there is strength in numbers: Gathering is good for our body and our spirit.

If, however, those gatherings require a touch of liquid courage, consider this gigantic stocking filled with 70 ounces of wine!

Vijs Meeru Dhalwala talks about all-female kitchens, the realities of running a restaurant, and reflections on 25 years in the business.

Eating via Instagram honours this week go to @thierrychocolat and their gorgeous Buches de Noel just in time for the holidays:


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Good rule of thumb: never break up with someone in a restaurant. But if you must, read this article first in preparation.

“There’s never really a good time to deliver this sort of news, but if one must pick an opportune moment to end a relationship in restaurant, do it during the drinks portion of the meal before any orders are taken. Your date can decide to throw that martini at you and leave or suggest you take the discussion elsewhere. It’s difficult to fathom anyone being so well adjusted that they would willingly stay and have a meal after having their heart broken.”

In preparation for the holiday season, VinePair answers all of your most pressing hot buttered rum-based questions.

Iconic Tokyo restaurant Tempura Tendon Hannosuke will be opening its first Canadian location in Vancouver in the coming months.

Driftwood Brewery’s Chelsey Ray shares her favourite spots to dine and drink around Victoria.

Montreal’s great bagel divide faces challenges on a new front as environmentalists come for the industry’s wood burning ovens.

Elsewhere in Scout, I wrote a winter round-up of the best spots to beat the cold and enjoy a cocktail around town.

Tsui Hang Village Restaurant, long a favourite late-night Vancouver institution, has closed up shop without explanation.

From Popina to Pourhouse, The Vancouver Sun shares their picks for the top 10 burgers around town.

Eater rounds up all the best holiday gifts for the food and drink lovers in your life.

Turns out those Michelin stars aren’t for keeps. It’s a lesson recently learned by world famous sushi chef Jiro Ono of Sukiyabashi Jiro.

Waste not, want not: how dairy farmers in Massachusetts are turning food waste into electricity.

If you saw the Tesla Cybertruck this week and thought to yourself ‘My four year old could’ve made that out of mashed potatoes,” you’re almost right!

Looking for work in the industry? Check out who’s hiring!

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