Bearface Shatters Norms of Canadian Whisky With Radical New Blend

The GOODS from Bearface Whisky

Think you know Canadian whisky? Think again. Disruption and innovation are at the forefront of a new “limited edition” One Eleven Series Oaxaca Release from BEARFACE Whisky. This first release in the One Eleven Series will see award-winning BEARFACE Whisky blended with pit-roasted agave espadín spirit from Oaxaca, Mexico, the same agave spirit used to produce mezcal. The result is a Canadian first that is changing the paradigm of Canadian whisky.

More than 40% of all Canadian whisky is exported each year to be blended with Japanese, American, and other whiskies, which are then sold internationally, including back to Canada under another country of origin. BEARFACE Spirits is a radical new Canadian whisky company whose purpose is to return Canada to the world stage by challenging the norms of a very traditional whisky category, with unique blends that are at the forefront of whisky innovation globally.

In the first 18 months since its launch, BEARFACE Whisky has won 9 international and national awards for its unique tasting 7-year-old Triple Oak signature release. Now was the time to take it a further bold step by taking advantage of a little-known rule in Canadian whisky.

The ‘One Eleven Rule’ is unique to Canadian whisky, allowing the blending of ten parts whisky with one part of another spirit, wine or sherry, which is specifically prohibited in Scotch, Irish whiskey and Bourbon. In addition, this rule permits the addition of flavours that allow producers to “smooth out” the taste of younger whiskies.

BEARFACE decided to be the first to embrace and celebrate the ‘One Eleven Rule’ in this groundbreaking collaboration between BEARFACE’s Master Blender, Andres Faustinelli, and “Maestro Mezcalero” Pedro Hernández, whose family has been producing mezcal in Oaxaca, Mexico for more than 200 years. No whisky has ever been blended with pit-roasted agave espadín spirit, until now.

“Most whisky categories have strict regulations that strangle innovation,” says BEARFACE’s Master Blender Andres Faustinelli. “The One Eleven Series shines a bright light on a hushed-up blending rule that enables us to push the boundaries of Canadian whisky. I’m excited to show just how diverse and interesting it can be with our Oaxaca agave spirit blend – the first in our series of limited, small-batch releases.”

The limited edition BEARFACE One Eleven Series Oaxaca Release redefines the craft of Canadian whisky. The single-grain whisky starts life aging in bourbon barrels, like most other Canadian whiskies. Then BEARFACE’s Master Blender takes over and finishes the spirit in open-air-seasoned Virgin French Oak to then blend it with artisan-sourced agave spirit, adding an elegant earthy, smoky finish to the unique character and distinctively rich texture of BEARFACE Whisky.

Launched in 2018, the signature release BEARFACE Triple Oak Whisky is available across Canada and in select U.S. markets. It has received 9 international and national awards including the coveted ‘Best New Whisky’ title at the 2019 Canadian Whisky Awards, and Gold Medals at the 2019 International Wine & Spirit Competition and 2019 World Whisky Awards in London.

The new BEARFACE Oaxaca Release is the first batch in the limited edition One Eleven Series. Retailing in Canada at CAD$49.99, BEARFACE One Eleven Series Oaxaca Release is bottled at 42.5% alc/vol and is available at select retail locations in British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario while supplies last.


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