Miku and Minami to Celebrate Holiday Season With Special Tasting Menus

The GOODS from Miku & Minami

Vancouver, BC | This winter, celebrate the holiday season with two special tasting menus from Aburi Restaurants’ Miku (70-200 Granville Street) and Minami (1118 Mainland Street). Available from November 18 to December 30, each set menu highlights Miku and Minami’s signature contemporary upscale Japanese cuisine.

“Amidst the busy holiday time, we wanted to present our guests with new, multi-coursed menus that would allow them to really savour the moment with loved ones,” says Seigo Nakamura, founder and owner of Aburi Restaurants. “Each menu is different but both feature our signature Aburi sushi, a surf and turf entrée, and exclusive holiday dessert. We hope our guests will enjoy what our chefs have thoughtfully created this festive season!”

Miku’s six-course Holiday Kaiseki ($150 per person) is available for dinner. It starts off with a Tai Dashi Consommé amuse bouche, followed by a Wagyu Beef Carpaccio with Asian pear, jalapeño ponzu, and Asian greens. The Kaiseki Arita course is a selection of five seasonal items, all served in Miku’s delicate Arita plateware. Items include a Kyoto Saikyo Miso Sablefish, Snow Crab Sunonomo, Pan Seared Hokkaido Scallop, Seared Foie-gras, and sashimi. The main course is a Filet Mignon and Aburi Lobster Tail surf and turf. Then, a selection of Miku’s signature Aburi sushi. The experience ends on a sweet note with the holiday-exclusive Pistachio Paris-Brest.

Minami’s four-course Holiday Shokai ($110 per person) features a Fraser Valley Chicken and Pork Terrine, followed by Minami’s signature Aburi Holiday Sushi Selection with Aburi Salmon Oshi, Aburi Ebi Oshi, Red Wave Roll, Japanese Wagyu, Miso Kamo (Brome Lake duck), and Toro. Then, guests are treated to a surf and turf plate of Sous Vide Scallop Mousseline and Sterling Silver Tenderloin and Foie Gras. Minami’s sweet finish is a Ruby Chocolate Strawberry Basil Mousse with coconut cranberry sponge, pavlova, cocoa tuille, cassis coulis, and basil juniper raspberry sorbet. Both Miku and Minami have optional sake pairings available to complement the tasting menus. Reservations are highly recommended. Limited walk-ins available.

For more information about Miku and the full holiday menu, please visit mikurestaurant.com. For more information about Minami and the full holiday menu, please visit minamirestaurant.com.

About Aburi Restaurants Canada Ltd. | “I don’t just want a business. I want to create a culture and a community.” Seigo Nakamura, owner of the Tora Corporation in Japan, is the visionary behind Aburi Restaurants’ Miku, Miku Toronto, Minami, Gyoza Bar, TORA, and the upcoming Hana in Toronto. His unique concepts and business strategies have led to the creation and spread of Aburi style cuisine across Canada. A trendsetter in all aspects, Seigo is never satisfied with settling for the norm. His unique twist on Aburi cuisine was created over a decade ago, by innovating the idea of traditional Japanese flame-searing with the decadent and creamy sauces of French cuisine. Driven by this unconventional concept, Seigo set out to introduce this fresh and addictive Aburi cuisine to the world. Seigo also promotes the unique company philosophy of ‘Ningenmi’. Literally translated as “the human flavour”, Ningenmi is a Japanese term used to refer a person with outstanding humanly qualities: sincerity, thoughtfulness, and passion. Seigo is a strong advocate of spreading ningenmi to his team, promoting a positive team dynamic within his restaurants.

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