Modus Coffee Lands Super Limited ‘Gesha’ Varietal From Guatemala

The GOODS from Modus

Vancouver, BC | We managed to get our hands on a gesha varietal from Guatemala – just 30lbs of it – so this’ll be a super limited offering. To sum it up, geshas are uncommon, and difficult to cultivate, but with the right conditions can show some very wild and wonderful flavours in the cup. Also known for winning awards, and this one is no different.

From Santa Clara in Guatemala, owned by Ricardo Zelaya, who’s not new to winning multiple awards for coffee growing and production, including the Cup of Excellence. The seed itself they had got from Malawi (vs most originating from Panama), making the cup character that much more interesting being grown and cultivated in Guatemala.

Pre-orders are available through the site, and also available in-store on the brew bar and on the shelves, while supplies last.

Region: Antigua
Producer: Ricardo Zelaya
Farm: Santa Clara
Process: Washed
Drying method: Sun-dried
Altitude: 1750-1850
MASL Varietal: gesha (Malawi strain)
Imported: WestCoast coffee traders
Tastes like: … try it and see.

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