Apprentice Bartender Sought at Tocador

The GOODS from Tocador

Vancouver, BC | We are looking for an apprentice bartender. This is much more than a bar back position, though that is the structural base of it. What Guy and I have recognized over the years is that a lack of qualified staff and an abundance of venues has necessitated hiring green staff to work behind the bar. This has led to a lot of venues with mediocre drinks. Our belief is that there is inherent value in learning from the ground up. We are looking for someone that wants to learn about all aspects of the industry. The goal is to work from a minimal knowledge level up to a bartending position. We want to foster passion, drive and ambition, working to pass on knowledge and tools to a new generation of talent.

This person does not need previous experience, however the ability to interact with staff and guests in a restaurant setting is a must. Please send your resume to hola [at]


This is Tocador

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