Five Questions With Famed Chocolatier Thomas Haas As Eat! Pastry Day Approaches

photo courtesy Thomas Haas

The GOODS from EAT! Vancouver

Vancouver, BC | Get ready to elevate your dessert knowledge to new sugar-induced heights at EAT! Pastry Day. A day devoted to cookies, cakes, chocolates and pastries, this event will be providing a sweet climax to EAT! Vancouver’s week-long calendar on Saturday, November 9th from 3 – 5pm.

The sugary celebration sees the elegant and inviting Vancouver Club transformed into a luxurious dessert arena, featuring 15 pastry chefs and chocolatiers from across BC. Over the course of two indulgent hours, from 3 – 5pm, guests will be treated to all of the confectionery creations while mingling with creators. Even sweeter: ticket sales from the Grand Tasting directly benefit the festival’s chosen charitable organization, the BC Cancer Foundation. A general ticket ($89 per person) grants you admission to the Grand Tasting event and all of its gorgeous goodies. Mark November 9th as a day to break up the redundant and drab days of winter with some colourful deliciousness by getting your tickets here now.

Whet your appetite by reading the below interview with participating chef, Thomas Haas:


Tell us the story that inspired your creation for EAT! Pastry Day. Our creation we will feature is called BLAK, a new line of dark chocolate product to emphasize the simplicity and importance of pure dark chocolate. No artificial food colours and fake designs which dominate our industry thru[sic] social media channels nowadays. We forget why we do what we do. If visuals take precedence over taste…and that is a dangerous trend.

What is your secret underrated or unexpected ingredient? Fleur de sel…or a subtle salt in almost all of our recipes. It enhances almost everything sweet.

If you had to recommend only one kitchen technique for aspiring/at home pastry chefs to master, what would it be and why? Understanding the temperatures of ingredients before mixing them. Temperatures will determine the air intake, lightness and emulsification necessary to get the best results.

What is the best investment for at-home bakers who want to take their pastry game up a notch? A good blender/mixer and a thermomix.

Beyond making something that tastes good, what sort of experience do you hope to create for the people tasting your desserts? The visual HAS to refer and respond to the taste of the product. It has to be pleasing and intriguing.

Pleasing and intriguing sound like a good combination for a Saturday in November. Get your tickets here now.

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