Strange Fellows Releases Dark ‘Nocturnum’, Brewed to Keep Evil at Bay

The GOODS from Strange Fellows Brewing

Vancouver, BC | For those of you who have been waiting for the return of the Wolf, we’re happy to tell you that November 4th will be your lucky day! Brewed to keep evil at bay, this hoppy and malty robust dark IPA is our offering to the Wolf to gratify his appetite and is just the thing for the dark season. A limited release only, it won’t last long.

Dark I.P.A. Hoppy / Malty / Robust

With his insatiable appetite, the Wolf is guilty of devouring livestock and little old ladies and is even thought to be able to swallow the sun. People of the old country observe strange rituals to appease his hunger, and never leave the house after dark for fear of being eaten. Maybe we’re not all superstitious, but it wouldn’t hurt to stay indoors with friends and share a glass of Nocturnum – our robust and balanced dark hoppy ale – brewed to keep evil at bay.

COLOUR Chocolate brown
AROMA Citrus / Malty / Biscuity
CHARACTER Robust / Round / Hop-malt
A.B.V. 6.5%
PAIRS WITH Red meat / Rich creamy cheese / Sweet desserts


HOPS Assertive / Balanced
MALT Biscuit / Caristan / Pale
IBU 65
OG 1.066

Strange Fellows is an East Vancouver craft brewery inspired by tradition and creativity that celebrates the strange and extraordinary. We invite you to celebrate our community with us each month as we observe a different Strange Day, inspired by obscure superstitions and folklore from around the world.

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