Strathcona’s Hunnybee to Host Sicilian ‘Susucaru’ Wine Dinner on October 27

The GOODS from Hunnybee

Vancouver, BC | On October 27th there will be a mind bending dinner featuring the latest four vintages of Frank Cornelissen’s trailblazing wine Susucaru from Mt. Etna in Sicily.

This is a limited seating engagement at Hunnybee/Soap at 789 Gore Ave.

Susucaru is a unique style of rosé wine in that red and white wine grapes are blended and macerated with prolonged skin contact, producing a cuvée that is light and refreshing on the palate, yet with a depth and complexity that makes it an excellent candidate for food pairings.

Susucaru easily crosses the boundaries between a rosé and a light red wine, combining the winemaking traditions of yesteryear with forward thinking winemaking techniques. This is an unparalleled opportunity to discover the true potential of what a natural wine is and can be.

Kris Barnholden and his team of chefs will present a thoughtfully composed dinner to complement the unique vision of the winemaker. The food will embody the philosophy of the winemaker, utilising the best local and organic products available. The menu will not be released in advance, to ensure that we are able to use the freshest ingredients available.

Andy Winter and his front of house crew will take you on a journey through the different expressions of each vintage, tastefully paired with each course, along with one or two surprises guaranteed to excite any natural wine enthusiast.

Sion Iorwerth and Monique Levesque from Juicebar will provide Italo disco with Belgian crunch to set the musical mood for the evening.

Tickets are available at Eventbrite.

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  1. Yes, Susucaru is one of the most tasteful wines in Sicily. It is obtained through a blend of wine grapes of Etna. Thanks to the lava stone, wineyards grow with an excellent amount of minerals and that is why Susucaru is so good. As a Sicilian, I haven’t still had the opportunity to discuss about it on my blog and for this I thank you very much for your very informative piece.