Ugly Dumpling Seeking Chef de Partie


Vancouver, BC | We are looking for a part time CDP who is interested in working with the best local and organic ingredients; someone who can keep up with a daily changing menu in a very busy and tight space; someone with a palate familiar with the traditional flavours of Asian cooking. We offer a daily wage plus generous tips and health benefits. Interested candidates should contact darren [at]


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Ugly can be delicious. When it comes to flavour, looks don’t really matter. We’re not cooking food for you to take pictures of- we’re cooking food we want to eat. Sourced only from local and organic growers, our food borrows flavours from across Asia in sometimes traditional and often bastardized plates. Our menu is changing constantly to offer only those ingredients which are at their peak. We offer casual izakaya style share plates along with a daily dumpling and staff meal. Also available for those looking for a full experience are omakase menus. Choose your price and allow us to prepare a full and balanced meal for you with our favourite dishes of the day.

Our bar offers a lighthearted drink list with a focus on pairing with food. Japanese sake to sip with light and subtle flavours. Sherry for bold, spicy, and funky dishes. Rotating local craft beer taps and an ever changing wine list keep in step with our fluid food menu. We seek to introduce drinkers to different and uncommon wines. Varieties that are planted in regions that are not their origin, or varieties that are grown in their region of origin but have been forgotten.

With a casual dining room and inviting bar, everyone is welcome. Whether just a staff meal and beer post shift, or celebratory dinner with family and friends, we are happy to serve you!

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